Airbnb Experience: One Month in Madrid

La Latina Apartment 12
After 15 hours of air travel, my wife and I arrived in Madrid and were anxious to check out the Airbnb apartment that we’ve selected to live at for a month.

Having booked the apartment over two months prior, here are the key factors we were looking for:

– Fast and reliable internet. Some apartments touted wifi speeds of 100mbps versus the 50mpbs I was getting back home in the US. This was critical, as we are still working full-time online while abroad. I personally email every Airbnb owner to confirm their internet speed and reliability.

– A modern, open, and airy interior design. A space that has good energy, is clean, and bright.

– We require an “entire place” versus a “private room” or “shared room.” So that we could comfortably work, write, video-conference, etc.

– A kitchen to cook meals and a washer to keep our clothes clean. We decided a dryer wasn’t a necessity, as we could hang our clothes and take our dress clothes to a dry cleaner.

– An air conditioner/heater wasn’t absolutely necessary for us, but it’s nice that this apartment has one.

– A prime location. This apartment is near La Latina, a very lively area in Madrid. We’re close to great restaurants and bars. Safety is also a main criteria. Madrid is known to be a fairly safe city in western Europe so this wasn’t an issue.

– Cost. We wanted to rent an apartment with a similar or less cost than what we paid back home.

So, how did it check out? Upon arriving, I was really pleased to find that the apartment looked exactly like it did in the Airbnb listing. It is bright and airy, and cozy enough for two people to live and work. There is a big desk with a couple benches, perfect for eating and working on. There is a big white dry erase board that my wife and I have already used to organize our thoughts and schedules. And the kitchen provides all the necessary tools to cook at home.

When all is said and done, the most important factor I look for is how fast my wife and I can get settled in. I immediately felt at home inside this apartment, and have already been able to explore a few parts of Madrid using this apartment as a hub. I can safely say that we’ve made a great choice and would recommend others to stay here as well.

Last but not least, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have good relations with your Airbnb owner. Raquel, the owner of this particular apartment, was always quick to respond to my questions before I arrived. We had a chance to chat with her at a cafe this past week and it was a joy to spend time with a local. She even gave us extra linens.

Here’s the link to this Airbnb apartment again – $71/day, $496/week, $2124/month (Prices may vary).

La Latina Apartment 11
La Latina Apartment 10
La Latina Apartment 9
La Latina Apartment 7
La Latina Apartment 3
La Latina Apartment 2
La Latina Apartment 1
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  1. Thanks for the information. However, you missed out some important things for tourists like us. We are clients of Airbnb too. We are very particular with the accessibility to supermarkets and transportations such as bus, metro, trains (intercity) airport

    I like the apartment though. But I need to know its accessibility to Metro or bus.

    1. Eugene

      You make a good point and I’ll make sure to include that information in the next apartments. This particular apartment is about a three minute walk to the La Latina metro (subway), which takes you everywhere you need to go in Madrid. There are many supermarkets nearby, which was really convenient for us, as my wife and I liked to cook at home for many meals during our stay.

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